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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Loads of threads saying that this is about BC. I found a USA thread showing pics of a guy's results with a TX at 50 yards using Express and Exact and his findings were very similar to mine.
I've never been convinced that it is all about the BC personally.

I'm reasonably convinced that knowing the BC of a pellet will give you a fairly accurate model of trajectory, but I'm not so convinced that it's an accurate model for windage.

The reason I have doubts is largely down to anecdotal evidence.

As an example, take the tin disasters, dynamics or whatever they're called. I believe they have a pretty good BC and when I've bothered to test them in the past they've grouped very well. But the slightest breeze and they're all over the shop. That could just be the conditions on the day and I can't say for certain that other pellets wouldn't have performed exactly the same. But I'm not the only person to report this, so that suggests that there's enough of a question mark over the results to at least prompt more scientific investigation.
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