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Absolutely loads about this all over the net.

Some saying that the lighter 7.9gr does better in the wind and some saying it is worse.

For me in the 77 ... Now this maybe not a fair test as the pellets I used were 8.4gr AA 4.52 ( so basically Exacts ) and 7.9 gr Daystate Li ( so basically Prems ). The Li's were measured and the larger sized ones used as I found these grouped better than the smaller ones up to 35 yards. The Li's were equal to the AA in groupings up to 30 - 35 yards ( very good ).

Zero at 35 yards.

Vertically I'm not seeing a great deal of difference in poi at 45 yards. The 7.9gr are, as you would expect, slightly flatter.

Wind ... 5 to 7 mph breeze l to r ... the 7.9 gr were spraying ... the groups had opened up to over an inch and the centres of the groups were going @ 25mm right. The 8.4 gr kept better groups of about 15 - 18mm and the centres were only 10mm right.

So for me I thought I was best living with a slightly loopier trajectory to 45 yards but getting better groupings and less wind drift.

Just to prove this in real terms I shot about 20 shots at a 40mm kill FT target at 45 yards and aimed just left of centre to allow for the slight wind. 100% kill with the 8.4gr. The 7.9gr gave several misses to the right as the pellets drifted out of the kill.

Loads of threads saying that this is about BC. I found a USA thread showing pics of a guy's results with a TX at 50 yards using Express and Exact and his findings were very similar to mine.

I read other threads that said that the lighter pellets are erratic re wind at low wind speeds but act about the same as the heavier pellets in stronger winds.

Shame really as I'd love to be able to up the speed to 820 which would make those 40 / 45 yarders easier. Andy Mac has kindly given me some Mossies so I will try them to see if they react the same as the 7.9gr Li's.

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