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Correct. If you look in the back of the breech 'sealing' block you'll see a small machined groove that directs the air to the back of the pellet. I believe that one of the reasons that this was designed like this was to stop the pellet from going over the transfer port and possibly getting damaged when fired. With the set up as they did it the pellet was always loaded directly into the rifling of the barrel, whereas a 'normal' breech there is sometimes a small part of the rifling machined away. Today of course we have the 'Smooth Twist' barrels as used on the FX range but this was way back in the '90's,.... so who's right ??? although the difference is vast inasmuch as the Smooth Twist is a smooth bore for the majority of it's length and shouldn't be compared really to a few millimetres at the breech.

To get the air to the back of the pellet the barrel is ported in the usual way but not into the rifling instead they stopped short and then ported at 90 degrees to the rear of the barrel. Some people did criticise this saying that compressed air likes to travel in straight lines and putting the right angle bend in could lead to poor consistency ??? Not my opinion as I say but others when the RN first came out.

Hope this answers your query.

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