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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
With all due respect Steve, I'm pretty certain many NEFTA clubs will still wish to host a NEFTA Hunter shoot. Now don't feel offended by what I'm going to say but your comments above read very much as blackmail in a lower form, but that could well be how I've interpretted it.
I am in no way offended mate by your comments. I did not intend my comment to read as blackmail of a lower form. My comment was my own feelings on the matter.
There are 11 clubs in NEFTA. Last year there was only 7 clubs out of the 11 which offered to host one of the 6 NEFTA Hunter rounds during 2009. I am just concerned that negative comments posted on open forums could lead to even less clubs applying to hold a round during 2010. I would prefer that any negative comments regarding issues with NEFTA Hunter courses are taken up with the NEFTA committee via the club rep.

Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
The thing is I'm led to believe that there was a number of shots that were unattainable in the prone position due to obtsacles and it forced shooters into a kneeling position which naturally will suit the the better shots as the scores on the doors will show, but to this end the lesser shooters struggled, and without sounding horrible by using the term 'lesser' shooters make up the majority of the people that attend these shoots, not the top shots. Therefore lots of disgruntled shooters due to the course not meeting the format. Answer to this, follow the format, job's a good 'un! There was also other shots that didn't meet the format too, or so I'm led to believe.
As I stated in my earlier post, the Ponte course setters used the initial NEFTA Hunter Series course rules (which do not state that targets should be able to be seen from the prone position).

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