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I use express although they are badged Mosquito Still on my favourite batch for last 4 yr.

The biggest challenge in FT and HFT is calculating the range vs. drop to hit the target. The best way to minimise this challenge is with a flatter lighter pellet which is why I prefer the 7.9gr flavour. After all if it if flying flatter it makes range estimation less critical. Ballistic calculations will prove the 7.9gr pellet will take less wind, but it is only about 10 %.

If you shoot 8.4 gr and know its drop and wind characteristics well why change. If you are starting out go for the lighter pellet and learn that. The exception to that is the 7.3gr Express RS (Falcon Accuracy) which group well out to 45yd then seem to lose momentum and the groups open up. This is even worse with the new generation Tin pellets coming in at around 6gr.

Drop and minimal windage advantage are probably not worth sacrificing accuracy (group size) for but the lighter 7.9 will equal the heavier pellet in most guns.
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