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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Hope this clarifies a few things and as mentioned I'm not having a go at Dean as he did a sterling job along with a few others Cheers Kieran
To be honest Kieran as I have said, I didnt help out !!

as I must admit I thought that there were enough people, but also I have not been down to the club a lot lately as I have been spending time helping my parents due to illness.
I think that there are enough of us keen on the HFT now at PARC to take a little more responsibility in the future,and I think that the club will back us as they have recently invested in the HFT side for us.

I dont offend easily Kieran and I think anyone that knows me will vouch that I can take some flak as well as give it... I just felt a little peeved for the few guys that worked hard.

You must admit its been interesting reading!

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