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I was having a play on Sunday with falcons in my Pro target and the strange thing was i didn't need to adjust my zero.My usual pellets are JSB exacts 4.53 but the Falcons were only shooting about 5 mm higher,we've got a reset target at 55 with a 25 mm kill which i always test pellets on and i was hitting it no problems,which just shows how balistically efficient exacts are even though they are a grain heavier.My gun spits out exacts at 785 fps whilst the falcon's run at 830.The falcons were catching the wind a bit more than the exacts quite a bit more actually but they seemed more forgiving for standing shots.With the falcon's i hit a full size knock down target (45 yards) 3 out of 5 times,i tried the same standing shot with exacts and i only managed 1 hit out of 10,it took me 10 shots to hit it.I wonder if i could have a secret stash of falcons for standing shots at GP's etc Obviously if i decided to use them full time i would adjust the zero to compensate for the 5mm difference,but i'm not sure what to do.I do love my exacts and they've put in some good scores but i was blown away by the ease at which i could hit a 45 yard stander with the falcons and I'm rubbish at standers.
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