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Originally Posted by Steve Hebby View Post
I don't think there is a problem mate. Both Trevor and myself have listed the reasons why this shoot may not have been up to the usual standards. Out of the 6 NEFTA Hunter venues used in 2009 this is the only course (that I am aware of) where negative comments have been made. Look back at the posts on the other venues, they have all had positive comments. Due to the negative comments that Ponte is receiving here I can also see that other NEFTA clubs may not want to or actually be afraid to put on a NEFTA Hunter shoot next year . If this happens then there won't be a NEFTA Hunter Series.
With all due respect Steve, I'm pretty certain many NEFTA clubs will still wish to host a NEFTA Hunter shoot. Now don't feel offended by what I'm going to say but your comments above read very much as blackmail in a lower form, but that could well be how I've interpretted it.

Anyway that aside. I think the bottom line is there is a set of rules for the course format and they should be adhered to,it's not rocket science to follow the course format. So therefore the format at every shoot is the same, this doesn't mean that courses will be boring as interesting and fun courses are easily achievable within the format. As has been proven in the past.

I am in no way criticising the lads that made the effort to set out the course at Ponty as they showed up and put the work in and such few people out of a membership of 300 is disgusting, but that's another issue.

The thing is I'm led to believe that there was a number of shots that were unattainable in the prone position due to obtsacles and it forced shooters into a kneeling position which naturally will suit the the better shots as the scores on the doors will show, but to this end the lesser shooters struggled, and without sounding horrible by using the term 'lesser' shooters make up the majority of the people that attend these shoots, not the top shots. Therefore lots of disgruntled shooters due to the course not meeting the format. Answer to this, follow the format, job's a good 'un! There was also other shots that didn't meet the format too, or so I'm led to believe.

Now before any fecker says " it's supposed to simulatew hunting, live with stuff in the way", HFT isn't a sport to simulate hunting, granted it's called hunter field target but the initial concept was to get shooters with standard hunting type rigs into a target discipline, I'm sure Sparky will confirm this. So the "deal with it" comments won't cut it. If you think they are justified I'll cast my mind back to an FT shoot at Emley Moor a few years back and there was ONE target over range and get this.... it was at 56y, **** me was there a stink kicked up over that, now would the same people who would say "deal with it" do the same in this situation? I think not, in fact i'm sure a few passed a few bitchy comments about it.

I hope you can see where people are coming from with regards to sticking to the format, for example i could well stick a wire mesh in front of a target on the next FT shoot I set out, would I do that? No, why, because it's not in line with BFTA guidelines i.e. the format.

Hope this clarifies a few things and as mentioned I'm not having a go at Dean as he did a sterling job along with a few others but it could of done with a few lil' tweaks to make it perfect, consider it constructive criticism.

Cheers Kieran
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