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no one has offended me and I bear no ill will towards anyone. I just can't be bothered with the politicking.

Some people won't be happy until they get their way with knobs on, at club or regional level. Some of the issues raised on this thread should have stayed within the clubs concerned, some should have been directed elsewhere. However, whatever the rights or wrongs, bickering in public just isn't the way forward and it looks absolutely terrible to outsiders. It sometimes looks reminiscent of the houses of parliament without the humour or the understanding that it's all a bit of pantomime.

I'll accept that dealing with the behemoth that is NEFTA and the BFTA may not be easy but the more this sort of stuff goes on the more entrenched people get. No one gets anywhere and you end up with a bitter and acrimonious stalemate. Sometimes I wonder if a parting of the ways may not be a benefit as some, from either side of the fence don't seem too accepting of any other point of view. There's also far too much in the way of personal grievance in evidence. Other times I think that it should be easy enough to just get on with it all but some folk, on either side just will not play ball.

Some clubs would survive the split others don't have enough members to do so. As the HFTers in the region are generally shooting at FT clubs, even if FTers are now in the minority, I guess that they'd be looking for new grounds/facilities. Not an easy task in itself. I joined an FT club to do HFT. I generally prefer HFT but did get sucked in to doing FT as well. I'll now happily do either but I'd understand if the club (or at least individuals in that club) got more than a little miffed if I started agitating to make it a HFT club away from the auspices of NEFTA.

I'm tired of watching good blokes and good friends leave the sport because of all this rubbish.

Hats off to anyone on club/NEFTA/BFTA committees, UKAHFT triumvirate and the course builders, I may well not agree with everything that's said or done but none of you can win and you will all take dogs abuse no matter what you do. I have no idea why you bother.
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