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I have found that how a pellet fits in the breech is a factor. All of my rifles seem to prefer pellets that are NOT a snug fit, and almost rattle in. That is certainly the case with the EV2 and the S400, and they give better groups with Expresses.

Recently I've started to get back into spring guns and I'm having some get-to-know-you time with a HW97KT that has had the innards enhanced by its previous owner. Apart from the fact that it had to have half a coil collapsed to teach it some manners, it handles very well. I shot a 30 shot course with it on Sunday using 8.4s, then came back to the zero and plinking range and put a few 7.9s through it. The difference in the firing cycle was immediately apparent, and it will be fed the lighter pellet from now on.
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