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Originally Posted by Woody View Post
Yes I have weighed pellets a lot over the years for my sins, I think we all have to go through it along with sizing and adding lube. You need to discover your own way in the end.

Shoot your 8.1 and 8.7 on paper and see for yourself.

The more aspects you keep adding to your shooting preparation and routine, then the more little doubts you bring into your game - my opinion only though.

I have used both types of pellet and have been successful with both. I always come back to the exacts though. I have noticed the characteristics are different in various types of wind. On mad days when it is a gale I found the express to be far more erratic. As Dave has said the difference in trajectory is negligible, in my eyes why shoot the lighter projectile with the same trajectory?!

I have shot the 8.1-8.7 on paper frequently and the difference in impact point is astonishing, well enough to miss a 20mm kill zone at 30yds never mind a 25mm at 40!

You can never shoot enough pellets

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