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Originally Posted by mr dink View Post
I hear some hft shooters say 7.9 are too light and take more wind than 8.4s ,but i also read top ft shooters say 7.9s are best for them but there shooting at 55yds, so what do you use for your sport.
Alan, a couple of years go when using the MK4, it went through a phase where grouping went off with exacts (weighed & checked) I was given some express to try and they were awesome, so switched there & then.

Without setting changes they were coming out 20fps faster, but after a couple of clicks worth of rezeroing, they were matching the reticle on exact same aimpoints as exact. Same trajectory as makes no difference, I didn't have to make any drastic decision changes for wind over what I would have been for the exacts.

When a pellet suits a certain barrel so well, you can't ignore it, you don't have to use the same as the next guy just because what they are using is popular - just do your own homework.

Express are rubbish in my ca100, but great in Samie's pro target - same gun, completely different results, my maverick will shoot express and exacts equally well, but I prefer current exacts as the weight spread on express had taken a turn for the worse.
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