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The Burris is a lovely scope but is more suited to FT with a duplex ret, unless you are one of the rare individuals that can shoot HFT with normal crosshairs. It can be done, but it is awkward.

I think you need the Lightstream or the Connect to be honest, to do what you need.
You can turn it up for practice or down to 12x or 10x for comps.I like the connect but would have to turn it up as I need some blur to range. As it is I prefer 9x or 10x mag with normal scopes.Hence i have the clearest glass that I can find on 10x mag, my Sightrom 10x42 with my Hawke TAC 30 10x42 a close second.

Hope the advice given on the thread helps,choosing a scope is frustrating as I have changed every year over the last five years!
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