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Originally Posted by Sam Vimes View Post
Without feeling the need to take sides or even particularly care one way or another. What an incredibly edifying thread this turned into. Thanks for reminding me why I should be in no particular rush to come back to competition shooting.

To be honest apart from one person on this post I didnt think anyone was out of order up to now.
I certainly didnt mean to offend anyone, and even though I thought Micks comments were harsh towards the course setters, I know Mick is not vindictive in his comments.

Neither would I critcise Pete, and certainly not Trev or Steve who have tried to absorb some blame, as if I worked as hard towards the series as they do then I would be entitled to have more say in the competions. the hard facts are the NEFTA commitee put lots of hours in for people like me to turn up and shoot.

My main initial thoughts were that this was bickering between clubs, but I now dont think it is what I thought at first, so if I upset anyone with my defence of the course setters I apologise .

The fact that some issues have been brought out into the open might not be a bad thing though.
Perhaps it is a procedure issue, as the rules are ok if they are adhered to.Perhaps each club should appoint persons with responsibility to ensure standardisation of courses rather that purely relying on people to check the course at the last minute.
Oh congratulations Anston and Tim.

Ryan... I wished you had been able to go prone as you might have struggled a bit more, as you pushed me down from fith to seventh as I had a rubbish day.Well done!!
I darent blame the course for that!!!


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