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Default Camping at the Euro's

Hi all. I thought I'd pop a thread on concerning the above at the risk of everyone thinking that I'm a big plonka, just incase anyone else makes the same mistake but doesn't find out till they arrive at Weston Park.
I applied & got my tickets for the Euros's a few weeks ago but didn't think to check that everything wasn't working as it has in the past, I assumed that the camping pass would be with the tickets & left it at that.
It was brought to my attention yesterday at Castle that I would need to apply for my camping pass & considering how close we are to the event now I think it unlikely that I would get it on time, mea culpa, no one elses fault but mine I should have checked!
Just incase you do intend to camp at Weston Park though check you have the necessary passes to do so, don't assume as I did that it will be working as it did last year.
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