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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
If you go for the 400 get the classic.
Both good gun,s but one will need a dive bottle .
Don,t rush into you choice ,there,s a massive second hand market if you have patience.
Welcome to the mad house
Welcome, this is good advice, you will need the classic for the shot count 50 targets in a gp, the carbines power will be dropping by the end, not sure you could get 50 shots out of one. If money is an issue then the dive bottle will add 80 + for a second hand, or 140 + for a new 3litre one. As simon says go second hand, get a good 400 for 300-350, same for a tx.same again for 2nd hnd big nikko and you've got a starter setup that can take you to A grade.
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