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I am sure that there should be an easier solution for you than this one, but in a few days I will be trying a LW barrel supplied by Rapid Air Weapons in the US. They machined the barrel per my measurements to fit my LG110FT(18 ft-lbs). I will let you know how it turns out - the RAW people were very helpful and prompt.
They shortened their TM1000 24" barrel down to 22"(they could shorten it to anything you ask), machined a new leade and cut the barrel shoulder/step to match the Steyr design. The only issue I can see is that their LW barrels are 15.85mm diameter vs. 16.02 for the Steyr barrel. This will lower the barrel centerline by 0.08mm approximately. Hopefully the bolt seal will still work or I will have to sleeve the barrel.

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