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Originally Posted by AirArmsKen View Post
Well I wasn't at today's shoot so i cannot comment on the setting up of the course but I'm not surprised

What I can say is that the NEFTA set up (committee) will always have double standards,
it will say one thing and do another if it suits their purpose, they don't like HFT and never will and will never fully support it,
that's why I believe the courses are set out wrong by FT shooters. Ho dear did I say that?

Also whilst I'm on about double standards the NEFTA committee came after me last year like a rabid dog after a bunny
saying I brought the whole shooting match into disrepute after saying I'd break some obnoxious persons legs on airgunbbs.
The snivelling POS copied my post and went running to his NEFTA buddies to discipline me at the AGM,
he likes to give it out but he don't like it bouncing back
Your comments are totally out of order
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