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Default Simplessssssssss

Right then Pilchards !!!

Sounds like something needs to be addressed soon before the fun fair turns into a circus ?

This over complication of teams and rgb's and blah blah blah !

Ok let's make it very simple !

The World FT Championships ( knock as many tin chickens over as possible to win a big trophy)

Entry to be 225 shooters maximum .
Eligibility / Qualification is tricky as every country is different , Uk bench mark is high we're as other countries are low ? So tricky / grey area , but with some thought and common sense can be worked out I'm sure ?!
Open competition ( no categories ) ( shoot what you like , pcp, spring,.22,nerf,spud , whatever.
Winner is decided on most tin chickens knocked down over 3 days ex 150 targets.
Trophy s / prize / prizes for top ten.
Three Simultaneous courses ( like Hungary and Italy ) No separate sessions.
Sensible firing line ( it's FT not Biathlon or Endurance sports)
Course setting to be sensible format say 40% freestyle , 20% standing , 20% kneeling , 20% reduced ( capped distances for kill sizes , not extreme ridiculousness )
Timed gates depicted by a marked zone , 3 mins for two targets , clock on as soon as you cross the line into the box !

Other simple things ............

Hotels / accommodation
Car hire

It's a competition but also a holiday to some so needs to be pleasurable not fooooking stressful as it seems to be getting !!!
Lets gets some sensibility back into this before it gets too stupid !

And before you start pulling the above to pieces ............. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel or the rule book I'm trying to use a logical approach by engaging some common sense.

At the end of the day it's to find the Worlds best FT shooter not a sit on the fence lets make everyone happy competition !

If you don't like it go play Buckaroo or go Otter spotting .

So the moral of tonight's story Pilchards is let's move away from the circus of pisspotteedness and man up or shut the f##k up !

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