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Originally Posted by Conor View Post

Why would Norway get more than 3 places if they can't make a team of 4 (min number required for a team)???

I think because they could in the old Open class which allowed springer shooters to be in a team, but couldn't under the new rules when the Open class was changed to PCP. Ie they could field teams, but they would be two teams of 3... so instead of that, they'll just be given the places. Make sense? In other words, read it as they are entering two teams of 3, and aren't getting any additional places.

I'll know more soon hopefully.

I'm wondering if the name change of Open to PCP has actually created more problems. I don't know but it could be some have bolstered teams up to fill the slots, when they could have perhaps had a stronger team using a springer as say an 8th man. In that respect it could of actually forced some countries to send more to field a team or else they risk not getting enough places from the left overs. Speculation of course.
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