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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
The way I see things is obstacles are being placed in the way of English / British shooters, registration compliance , accommodation issues due to lateness of qualification etc etc etc

If certain rgb's don't like being pumped then don't come and play !?!

Maybe if they just stopped English / British shooters from competing so they get a different name on the trophy ? I might be way off the mark but don't think I am ?

Without dragging up old ground ........... The WFTF World Championship was an Open competition to find the worlds best FT shooter ?
Not some half @rsed attempt to appease someone who owns a tin of pellets and lives in a desert !
Sure as sh1t if I ever won the worlds I want to beat the best to achieve that wouldn't you ? Not just beat a goat herder with .22 BSA Meteor !
and here was i trying to be diplomatic
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