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Update on the situation.

There have been a few who have let me know they can't make it.

RobF is booked elsewhere and his place goes to Paul Salmon of South Devon

Keith Mainey can't make it and his place goes to Matt Williams also of South Devon

Lee Morrineau is double booked with an archery competition and his place goes to Trevor Bray of Shebbear.

Any others please let me know as soon as you can. There is a procedure for bringing in reserves but they need to know early enough that they have a place.

We've also decided to broaden the Plate competition a bit, so anyone from a SWEFTA club who turns up at Buckley Wood on the 4th of October hoping to find a vacant place in the Showdown will be guaranteed the chance to shoot in the Plate even if all the Showdown slots have been taken.

I've also heard on the busch trommel that Martin Pragnell might be on holiday at the time; if so, his place will go to Lloyd Gray.

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