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Originally Posted by fatty View Post
A great finish to a great series. Snow, rain, freezing howling winds and plenty of mud couldn't stop Alex Larkin sealing the series title. For those of us who braved the weather found a great course set out by Greg and his team with the winds making it an even greater challenge.

Bonus bunny winners 20
Summer Langman
Ian Bainbridge
And somebody else who I have forgotten (Greg will confirm)

Winner of the Daystate Ranger
Ricky Moppet

Larkin Alex Open 53
Howarth Simon Open 53
McLachlan James Open 51
Charlton Ryan Open 51
Baillon Gerry Open 50
Furlong Matt Open 50
Ardern Richard Open 50
Hunter Ian Open 49
Smith Nigel Open 49
Goldsberry Dave Open 48
Hunter Dave Open 47
Mobley Rob Open 47
Compton Harry Open 47
Cochrane Gill Open 47
Everson Mike Open 46
Foote Peter Open 46
Morgans Tom Open 46
Wilkinson Andy Open 46
Marriot Wayne Open 46
Howling Gavin Open 46
Bennett Phil Open 45
Grove Lloyd Open 45
Harrison Simon Open 45
Heaps Brian Open 45
Devanney Aretha Open 45
Handby Steve Open 45
Benyon Dave Open 45
Handby Casey Open 45
Pullen Michelle Open 44
Tate Bert Open 44
Watkinson Geoff Open 44
McLachlan Andy Open 44
Cochrane Finn Open 43
Chillingworth Gary Open 42
Gaunt Kevin Open 42
Macey Elle Open 42
Brittain Paul Open 42
Pailing Dave Open 42
Cartledge Steve Open 41
Downing Ricky Open 41
Greatrex Jean Open 41
Thompson Kathy Open 41
Bainbridge Ian Open 41
Dunn Pete Open 41
Grove Evan Open 40
Scothern Eddie Open 40
Duplock Chris Open 39
Oram Nigel Open 39
Smith Dave Open 39
Langwell Paul Open 39
Hensman Grego Open 38
Price Neil Open 37
Underwood Hannah Open 35
Gould Ken Open 34
Tatton Neil Open 33
Starmer Joe Open 32
Evans Clive Open 30
Nicholls David Open 30
Andrews Paul Open 16

Lynn Darrin Recoiling 46
Compton Elliot Recoiling 45
Heathcote Mikey Recoiling 44
Treadwell Ian Recoiling 43
Whiting Steve Recoiling 43
Clay Bob Recoiling 42
Hensman Greg Recoiling 42
Thompson Mark Recoiling 42
Mctighe Mick Recoiling 39
Martin Dave Recoiling 34
Jones Andy Recoiling 30

Cooper Hal 0.22 37
Nelson RancidTom 0.22 35

Dermietzel Alex Junior 49
Howling James Junior 44
Langwell Summer Junior 21
Evans Bryn Junior 18
I didn't realise that only 7 people managed to break the 50 Mark
Maybe have to ask for the same sort of fans for Rnd 1 in April
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