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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Maybe it would be nice for someone from either BDS Germany or the WFTF commitee to actually speak up & say why nothing is being enforced & goal posts are being moved to accomodate certain parties ?

There was initially a set criteria for entries / registration ? Which seems like only the english have stuck too ?

Jeeeez's we don't even know if we can go yet ? Qualification is 3 weeks away then it will be rush rush rush but no room at the inn ?

I was hoping Germany was going to be a bench mark event to move the sport forward but it seems to be going further back wards !

Joke is the word !!!

Please note this was the edited version !
I Can Well believe that!

On the other hand, when it comes back to this shore, maybe we could have fun and games as well ,

it feels to me, that over the last few years, things have become more and more difficult and expensive with trying to book ( already filled hotel rooms, that are listed ) and flight booking at the last minute)), due to the way the event gets organised and now it's also much harder to enter the competition itself, but maybe it's just me being paranoid, as it doesn't seem to bother many other rgb's .
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