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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I think you had a bad one Gary.

The one Peter was using was much better and El capitano has done ok in the mfta winter series when using his.
So was most of the others that were sold that why money was giving back or swapped for a pm2
Is James going to use the S&B in the GPs I think not
I could buy a march if I still interested in shooting, but sadly I,m not
Steyr LG100 barley twist March F 3-24 FML-1
Steyr LG110 challenge March X 5-50 MTR3
Steyr LG110 HFT 2014 big Nikko MK3
Air wolf bushnell 6-24 mil-dot
spare scopes Bushnell 8/32 Leupold 20/50

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