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As I have written earlier, it is well-known that some Schift&Blunders move continuously (those which have been produced before March 2010) and others jump (the newer ones). I think that constant moving is more annoying because I have always to pay attention but is also more reliable because I know what is happening. Those scopes which jump are easy to use within the stable temperature range but you can never know when they jump so they can ruin your competition if the environmental temperature is exactly around the switching temp.

James' scope moves constantly with temperature, I have tested it thoroughly. I don't know the other one mentioned (Peter's) but it has to be the jumping kind. I have tested 6 or 7 different S&B scopes through the last years from the and all of them moved with the same amount, I can't believe that there is even only one in the world which doesn't move... We are in Britain, there are no temperature extremes. If it was calibrated on a colder summer day and checked on a warmer winter day then it could remain within two jumps. A real proof would be if it showed the same in also at -10 and +30 degrees...

I remember when PMII-s came in. Everybody was so proud that they didn't move unlike the FT versions, this is the real Überscope etc. And then came the summer and 'the rest is silence' as the poet says.
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