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I have tested my S&B and Nikko scopes in Hungary, between -10 and +40 Celsius, so this 50 degrees range tells something already.

I did tests with light/dark environment, also for myself and for the targets, i.e. I was in shade or the sun shined against me, and I had two targets on the same range, one out in the field the another one in the deepest corner of a big cardboard box of a fridge. Absolutely no differences, only the temperature could change the results.

Light/dark issues are experienced by those who are too young and/or have good eyes, their eye can accommodate faster if there is more light and contrast and they can see sharp even before it is really sharp. Those who like me are staring at the monitors 16 hours a day and have old and slow eyes they can see it sharp only when it is really sharp.
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