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Interesting and useful observation indeed but I think I can explain it.

You may know that in the scopes parallax wheel rotates a plate with a snail shaped groove in it and a pin is attached onto a lens (or group of lenses) which fits into this groove and moves the lense(s) when the wheel is rotated. I think when you left the scope outside then the inside lenses remained in their position because instead of moving only some tension was built up. And when you rotated the wheel this tension could release and you could set it sharp only with another side wheel position.

But this all is only my theory, based on my knowledge in mechanics (I'm an architect), it would be so fine to have the possibility to talk with one of the scope designer optic engineers of any big scope manufacturer. I'm sure that they could cure this issue just it's not worthy to bother with it for a dozen of FT shooters while all the other shooters (who don't have to rangefind) don't mind a little parallax shift...
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