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Originally Posted by BEESA View Post
Nice stock , what is it , that you chaps have to do to get him to give you a price for a stock , or even a reply to a p/m

Don ...
Warren's a top bloke and an excellent stock maker - but he doesn't make a living out of it and makes stocks largely for the enjoyment and to help out fellow shooters. If you were to add up the man hours it takes to make a stock not to mention the investment in equipment then he probably doesn't even make minimum wage of the deal.

Warren goes out and earns a crust just like the rest of us poor unfortunate saps, but when he comes home from work he goes off into his garage/workshop and whittles away at lumps for wood for the benefit of his fellow shooters... he's not a 'business' and some days when he gets home from doing his real work, he doesn't feel like spending hours in the garage working on stocks. I don't blame him - especially when it's cold and horrible.

He's not great at replying to pm's and because of the quality of his work and his keen prices his stocks have rocketed in demand.

My advice if you want one of his stocks is to be patient, be polite and eventually you will be rewarded.

( Warren, if you read this thread - pull your bloody finger out on my stock )
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