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This question is not so easy. Why moves the S&B 9x more than the old Nikko?
And why do some scopes underrange while others overrange?
I think this depends on the inside construction, also the smaller parts move with temperature, there can be parts made from different materials, which move differently with temperature and enlarge or reduce the overall effect.

This means for me that a scope with negligible temp shift CAN be designed, just they have to check the construction under different temps and play with materials and measurements until the temp effect is almost zero in the -10...+40C range.

Also note that the old Big Nikko has separate parallax adjustment i.e. it moves some lenses before the erector tube while the scopes where the three turrets are in line the parallax adjustment moves some lenses on the end of the erector tube. This means that these lenses can move from the heat expansion of the erector tube, too. And see the difference, Nikko MK1 0.5 m vs. Nikko MK3 3.3 m.
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