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Originally Posted by Treaders View Post
Thanks Brian. I've just registered for SFT
Nice one Ian, welcome aboard.

Oh I made a slight mistake with the rules for SFT above. You can't dial for each target, you have to set your scope settings before the lane.

Originally Posted by NEFTA SFT Rules
The sight can be set for distance, magnification (up to 12 times) and elevation in each lane before looking through the sight at the first target. The sight settings from the first target may not be varied or adjusted before shooting at the second target in the same lane.
When I shoot SFT, I just use holdover on a 35 yard zero for everything. But I sometimes adjust my parallax if I come to a long lane. I shot the GP's in SFT class in 2010 so on a GP course where targets tend to be way out there at some clubs, I might decide to go for a 45/50 yard parallax for some lanes.

This course isn't going to be as long as a GP course, I reckon you'd get away with a 25/30 yard parallax for pretty much every lane, just watch out for parallax error
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