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Originally Posted by Treaders View Post
Excuse my ignorance on this (), but is SFT shooting off the knee to 55yds (like FT), but you can't change scope settings once you've started (like HFT)?

If yes, I'll have a go at that please
Yup that's basically it. Same rules as FT, so you can have butt hooks, windicators etc all the same as FT.
The only difference is you're not allowed to rangefind by parallax adjustment and you're only allowed to shoot on a maximum scope magnification of 12x.

If you're shooting in a group with an FT shooter SFT and HFT shooters must shoot first.

Oh and you can adjust your scope's parallax once per lane before you put your eye to the scope if you wish.
That can be interesting if you have an 8 yarder and a 55 yarder in the same lane

You may also adjust your turrets at any time - so you can still dial for each target if you like.

When people read the rules for SFT they initially think that the most difficult thing about the discipline is not being able to accurately rangefind, but once you've tried it you'll find out thats only part of it.

It's FT for real men
We've had enquiries from Chuck Norris about SFT, but when he found out he had to use a springer too, he politely declined.

Don't be like Chuck, click the Register button and get your name down quick

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