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Hi guys ,

well the photo shows the difference between close wind and and wind at distance in this case 25yrds.
the actual black centre mark is 12mm , the first three shots taken landed centre mass with a 1-3mph wind on the targets position and no wind from my position . the next 2 shots taken where shot with a 5.1mph wind speed on the targets position 1/2 factor with no wind on my position.both holes are 6.75 mm from centre.
my secondry aim point below again gives me a three shot cente mass with a 1-3mph wind on the targets position , the 2 other shots taken are 14.52 mm from centre with a 5mph wind speed on my position and no wind on the targets position. to me this sort of pushes me more in the direction of relying on reading the wind closest to me ..

in theory if a shot taken @ 25yrds can be moved 15mm with a 5mph wind at 1/2 factor then a wind @10mph would push the pellet a full 30mm at the same distance . is this right ? is this how the mathes would work or am i missing something

cheers lads.
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