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Default CSFTA Winter League - Carisbrooke Round 1

With the the CSFTA Winter League starting in 4 weeks time, the Carisbrooke club have started to work out what and were we are going to put the lanes and targets. We have the luxury of being able to leave 80% of our targets out so we can plan a course over a few weeks.

Our mission this weekend was to mark the firing points and then work out the location of the targets and if able to put some out. Well we have marked 15 firing points in the woody part and placed 20 targets. It is our intention to limit the amount of ferns and bushes to be trimmed to keep the whole thing as natural as possible.

Unfortunately when deciding the locations of a couple of the longer targets it seems that our mark 1 eyeball measuring system is a bit out (by nearly 40ft ). Next week we will try and do the remaining 5 lanes and tidy up the footpaths.

Some of the final 5 lanes targets are in a field with animals so can only be done on the morning of the shoot but some are the other side of the fence so we will be able to do those.
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