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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
When I shoot at my home club I sign in (Club knows I am there and I know I am insured).

When I attend a shoot at a regional comp, I sign in there and present my BFTA number (rarely asked for card) so that my score may count and I am insured by the hosting club but with my current BFTA card I can show any other shooter that I am covered by my Home Club insurance too.

Not having a BFTA card would mean not being able to show I have cover if there is some sort of accident which would need insurance cover. If I turned up as a visitor with no club or BFTA membership then I would expect to show I have some personal liability insurance in the event of some incident. The host club's cover would not offer personal liability insurance if the fault was not the cub or another insured shooter.

So isn't the BFTA card similar to a motor insurance cover note?

Accidents do unfortunately happen but insurers don't make money by paying out every time :-(

I believe that's also the case.

If I am injured, can I claim from the Civil Liability policy?
No, the Civil Liability policy provides protection for claims made
against you by third parties due to your negligence, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. If you are injured and believe that a third party is at fault, you should seek legal advice on how to pursue a claim against the person(s) responsible for causing the injury.
Public Liability protects the Club/Association/Governing Body/Instructor/Member/Employee if a member of public sues them for injury/damage caused by the club etc.

I'd pay particular attention to...

Does the policy cover anyone who is not defined as UK resident?

No, only UK residents may be covered by the policy.
Might be worth checking on what the definition is, just in case, especially if expecting visitors, pre-euros, nefta etc...


We would remind you that in order to be compliant with
NSRA rules and insurer’s requirements, a qualified or
competent person must supervise all shooting
BFTA/NSRA County Coach
CSFTA Chairman/BFTA Rep
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