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Originally Posted by rich View Post

Sending in a copy of my club's insurance certificate doesn't prove that I am a member of that club. It's only recently that NSRA has demanded to see a list of names of members at renewal time, and that isn't made available to third parties.
No, but it proves your club is insured, and when you get a new card your club is listed. Ergo you are a member of an insured club. If your club doesn't have insurance, you can't get a card.

My bugbear is to do with expiry. And before anyone starts thinking it's to do with a certain shooter in a certain region it's not. It's to do with the fact that before Simon started taking off un-renewed bfta numbers, I assumed a ex member of my own club (CGC) was still a member, completely forgetting he had left and not joined another. In the end it wasn't an issue as he was accepted as a guest and his team score didn't count... but it could have if he'd shot better. My regions rules state the competition is only open to the host club members and bfta card holders. It was the inability to check lapsed membership or insurance that struck me then.

I agree Dave that the structure can dilute impetus. On the other hand, it perhaps filters it. I do think the path needs to be clarified though. At the moment reps seem to be whoever attends the meeting. I've been granted the mantle a few times at BFTA meetings without knowing what SWEFTA's views were. So I gave my considered opinion. But who is ultimately responsible for collecting region member's proposals, and how they are put forward, is a variable at best.
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