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Final list below, this event is now CLOSED

There will only be one session 10am KO


Alex Honeywell (Jnr)
Alex Larkin
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Underwood (Jnr)
Andy Simpson
Anthony Higgins (jnr)
Bert Tate
Bill Jones
Brian Franklin
Brian Lewis
Brigitte Parker(L)
Charles Coxsedge
Charles Peal
Chris Coombes
Chris Roberts
Chris Silcock
Dan Horricks
Dan McMahon
Darran Powell
Darren Quincey
Darryl Rees (recoiling)
Dave Lillywhite
David Allam
David Allibone
David Carter
Denny Lane
Derick Stone
Dylan Farr (jnr)
Eric Bynum
Gareth James
Gary Chillingworth
Gary Morrison
Geoff Ryder
Giles Tibbitts
Gordon Burns
Greg Morss
Guy Gillies
Jack Price
Jade Young (L)
James Lewis
Jean Greatrex (L)
John Duggan
Jon Jones
Jordan Radford (Jnr)
Kathy Thompson (L)
Kelvin Maggs
Ken Pothecary
Lee Rossiter
Lewis Evans
Marc Elder
Mark Smith
Mark Thompson
Mike byford
Mike Elliott
Mike Everson
Mike Franklin
Mike Turner
Neil Lewis
Neil Smith
Nigel Jones
Nigel williams
Norman Wells
Paul Gardner
Pete Dutton
Pete Sparkes
Peter Foote
Peter Higgins
Peter Underwood
Phil Jacobs
Philip Godwin
Piers Honeywell (.22)
Richard Bainton
Ross Young
Rudy Goldslade (Jnr)
Shaun Eustace
Simon Vant
Steph Kirkwood
Stephen James
Stephen Wells
Steve Gillies
Steve Light
Stuart Farr
Stuart James
Terry Aiken
Terry wheatley
Tom Morgans
Vince Blackman

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