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Originally Posted by TREV RYN View Post
well i must apologise for this as it was me that vetted pontys course and if theres any blame to be laid lay it at my feet ,in my opinion it wasnt a bad course ok in hind sight you probably had to take acouple more kneelers than your used to thats what caught a lot of people out yes there was grass in the way but hay ho thats life[hunting]. pontys course was a thinking mans course and im sorry but if you laid prone and thought you were going to miss the shot due to grass , then take thew shot kneeling , i know my views are going to upset alot of folk and im sorry
i will still say the short fall on yesterdays courese not complying to ukahft was my fault as i checked the course and not ponty ps we all still had a good day
luv yas all
I'm sorry Trev but I can't agree with you

The vetters job is to check the course & hopefully spot any non format targets or safety problems that the course setters may have missed. On the two courses that caused problems this year it would have taken a few hours on the morning of the shoot to rectify the problems which would have put the start time back drastically even if the course setters had been willing to accept the changes.

Hopefully next year we won't have any of these issues as long as people realise the courses won't be set to the UKAHFT format.
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