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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
I don't think it's having a go at PARC or the lads that put the hard work in for today Dean.
I think it's just been highlighted that either the hunter series has either got to be a serious HFT series where course setting rules have to be stuck to or a fun club shoot type series where people will just go and shoot and have a good time without really getting too concerned about rules.
It's got to be one or the other because the two will never mix mate.
I don't think anyone is trying to take anything away from you lads mate or trying to have a go at your HFT section

I agree with that Dave, I actually see two types of HFT shoot developing to be honest but I agree we should all stick to the rules. ( I didnt set the course by the way)

I did hear some comments today about the possibility of some serious rule changes so it could be interesting.

It seems a bit strange you have a go now though,when we have had targets obscured before at other venues, targets at incorrect distances for kill size, and extreme distances at other venues and nothing is said.
So are you all saying PARC is the only club not to stick to the rules?Or is it just the fact that some pegs would upset younger shooters?(Which I do agree with).
and we can allow illegal shots as they have been allowed up to now.
This is the politics!!
To be honest I dont think there is much more to say, but if you stick to the rules then all clubs must stick to them.


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