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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Fair comment Mick and you are entitled to your say, but POLITICS will ruin the sport quicker than any rules!

NEFTA might be shot to UKAHFT rules but some rules have been changed especially for the NEFTA, so where do the differences start and stop. I think this winter will see some major rule changes which might help. Number 1 peg the tree could be leant with you shoulder,just another twist if unconventional,it would have been awkward for a lefty though.
Hi Dean, Sorry but politics will only ruin the sport if people continually try to fight against an agreed format, please remember that nobody forced NEFTA to adopt the UKAHFT format & rules.

The format is there to ensure that everyone including juniors shoot a fair & consistent course, courses can still be very hard but why force a junior to take half a dozen kneelers when I can take them prone. Some course setters seem to think it's clever to make courses tricky in this way but unfortunatley they are penalising the wrong shooters, we are supposed to be encouraging the young shooters not discouraging them.

Following the UKAHFT format there were no supported standers at all today but three unsupported standers, I find it strange that certain NEFTA clubs complain about the HFT rules & talk about politics but they have no problem in following the NEFTA rules when setting an FT course for the NEFTA Winter League. I wonder if the same people would have no problem turning up to a NEFTA FT Winter league shoot with 9 standing shots & quite a few sitting shots that had to be shot kneeling, I'm sure some earlier posters would have no problem as if they couldn't see it from sitting they would have no problem taking it kneeling.

I find it hard to understand why some continuously try to change the HFT format & complain about the format while having no problem at all sticking with the FT format???

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