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I honestly think that some are missing the point here.The UKAHFT rules state 3x kneeler/stander lanes.3x manditory standers of which 1 should be unsupported and I counted at least 2 today.All prone shots to be able to be seen and shot unobstructed including by a 9 year old.If a target was so low that it couldn't be seen by a grown man and had to be shot kneeling then a 9 year old wouldn't stand a chance and therefore the target becomes illegal and should have been pulled.
Personally I had a great time today even though I did think that some of the targets were unfair but I think one thing needs clearing up for future reference....either NEFTA adopt UKAHFT rules which may be slightly stricter but fair for everybody and stick to them or adopt their own variation of the rules which would basically be a fun shoot with the well if you can't see a target find another way to shoot it attitude because the two do not mix, you can either have it one way or the other.
Just my view guys.

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