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Could filter it through the inters. Disallow shooters without bfta cards.

It would make sense though for the Nsra to provide the bfta with a list of insured clubs and for the bfta to synchronise cards with their renewal date as well as leaving a space for club membership renewal.

At the moment it blows a gaping hole on the point of it if a club isn't checked for renewal until months after the Nsra deadline and if no-one knows when a shooters club renewal is due. No good checking a club will renew for just 9 months especially if a member doesn't renew in April.

Simple solution. Card with blank areas for name, club, number, club insurance renewal date, club membership renewal date. Can be stamped by bfta or region for authentication or laminated. Saves the cost of personalised cards. Means expiry for insurance or membership can be checked at each shoot. Act of stamping by region or bfta gives opportunity to update the bfta record.

That way you don't have shooters turning up to shoots in feb no longer members of any club but with a valid bfta number which isn't picked up till April.
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