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Alex, Gary

Not going to go on about this but why is it suddenly an issue as for the last 2 years you have hopefully made either MAD comp on a Sunday or a Weds evening?

So if this comp yesterday was done so you could make the team, what happens next month when some of you are days will you then change it to a Monday night so it suits you.

The criteria has had no issues for a couple of years but yet again we have to look into something when we shouldn't have to!!

We have never said a comp has to be on the weekend, we recognise the MAD weds is a comp likewise Kibby Thurs I believe it's on, but come on midweek training day for a few does not, surely you can see this.

Ill repeat myself that when you said about it I missed understood what you meant, but that's by the by.

Come on lads play the game, if you want to shoot for your chosen club, surely you can make it at least once a month.

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