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Originally Posted by BOMBER View Post
sorry if i offend anyone but i don't exactly sit on the fence when it comes to hft. I know people give up their own time to set out courses and for that i am grateful, but i think todays course was well below the standard for a hunter course. Many of the prone shots were obstructed by grass, and banking even at the top of the peg or at either side and even though there is no law sating what size the peg has to be, surely they should be big enough in height for people to come up the peg to to see the targets. There was 3 unsupported standers when i think that the rules say one. If the series is started using the ukahft rules then this should be adhered to for every shoot not just for the clubs that predominantly shoot hft.

I must admit I am surprised at some of the comments made above! I dont remember three unsupported standers either but maybe my memory is not what it used to be.There were a few trees around to hold or lean on,apart from the stander in the bowl.
And it is certainly not an unusual event having grass or other obstructions on a course!!
I thought that the idea was to shoot around them,a bit like waterfalls and holes in logs and caged shots,all part of the fun.
Maybe you have just had a bad day Mick.Or is this politics?

The comments about the pegs for younger shooters by 'Cop out and dead shot' is fair and constructive and I would agree.

Not wanting to fall out with anyone here over a sport but I find some of the comments a little too critical to be constructive.


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