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I am against anyone who brakes the rules, i do not even like people who bend them.

Yes, I want you to clamp down on rule breakers, but like you have said many times, "The rules may not be perfect, but they are the best we have for now"

So, if there is a way to change them for the better, then that is great. If you bring in a rule that states team shooters have to attend the shoot on a Sunday then that is fine.

unfortunately though, there will be times that I as a train driver will not be able to attend, police, doctors,fireman will also be unable to attend because we work shifts, But, if that is the rule, then that is the rule.

Personally, I think the current rule of the shoot having to be advertised and then the scores being posted is fine.

Maybe a change could be "For a comp to count, it has to be advertised on STB at least 7 days in advance)
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