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Originally Posted by Gar73 View Post
I guess the question is can 0.5 milliseconds make a difference. I would say any reduction in time will help. BUT no doubt simply improving standing, kneeling, follow through, general trigger control and all other aspects would reap greater rewards. If you have covered all these bases then it has to be on the list even if it's a a little way down the list.

I did a little test yesterday between exacts and express in wind and some good info came back off that.
No it can't make a difference, you cant even compensate for it. The human reaction time is in the order of 300-500ms so something like 600x to 1000x the speed you can react to. Even a blink is 50x slower. 0.5ms is never going to make a difference.
Work out how far s pellet will travel in 0.5ms or the end of a barrel will move during that time.

Otherwise we'd all be using tx hc barrels
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