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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
If you size a pellet down and it loses speed, it is because there is energy lost by the expansion of the pellets tail to fit the rifling, which also means you have a slightly larger barrel than the sizer ( a pellet sizer only sizes down).

To find your head size.....


If you try,

4.52's and you get 785fps, then you try 4.53's and the speed drops by 5 or more fps then its too tight so get rid, if it stays at 785 or higher thats the size to use.

If you try,

4.52's and you get 785fps, then you try 4.51's and they are 5fps or more slower, use the 4.52's, if they are faster by 5fps or more then use the 4.51's.

this will only find you your best fit, it doesn't find you the best batch for grouping, that you will have to find yourself with testing.

Welcome to the Mind F***, that is pellet selection
P.S pellet sizing hardly ever works, just as conor says the grouping opens up.
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