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Default The Mystery POI

Hi All,
I wonder if you can help me.
I found over the last month or so that most of my misses when practicing FT or in the last couple of winter leagues would land at the 6 o'clock position of where I thought it would land. After checking all my equipment I thought that I was experiencing temperature shift as I was shooting with a HW100 and they are well known for it. So I upgraded to a Walther LG300.
I spent a Friday afternoon with my Sightron 10-50x60 scope on the Walther at the range, carefully noting the new dial settings for my FT distances. After an hour or so of checking and double checking I was happy that I was up set up for the MFTA comp on the Sunday. However, when I sat at the zeroing range at the comp my 30 yard zero was low by an inch or so. In fact everything above 30 yards was out. I had a really bad shoot as I didn't know what to dial in for the distances. But I stayed behind after the shoot, on the zero range and found that not only had my settings changed but the number of clicks between each distance had dramatically reduced. So instead of 4 clicks between 30 and 35 yards it was just 1 or 2 clicks.
I struggled on for a couple of weeks with the new settings but found I was missing low a lot. So l I sat down on the range at the club and noted all my dial in settings again from scratch, then checked and then rechecked. Everything was perfect so I had myself a cup of tea and all was well. That is until I dialled in for 40 yards and missed by about 3 inches at the 6 O'clock position. I then took another 5 shots, all pellet on pellet but all at the low 6 O'clock point. When I checked all my other distance settings I found that they had all moved. In fact the 55 yards distance had moved that much that there wasn't enough clicks on the turret to dial it in anymore. Whereas only minutes before I was placing nice tight groups at 55 yards, spot on where the scope was pointing. Again I checked and the gun was still placing pellet on pellet but not where the scope was pointing, always low at 6 O'clock position.
Myself and a few other members at the gun all agreed that there was something wrong with the scope as the gun was shooting consistently. I've sent the scope back to Sightron who say there is nothing wrong with it and say that it must be the gun, which I feel is hard to believe. . I've had the gun on a chrono and it's consistent, as is its groupings. So does anyone have any ideas what it could be or do you, like me, think Sightron need to have another look.

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