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I would certainly agree with some of the above.

Slightly front heavy but not bad to sort and less so with a a scope on.
POI change hasn't been an issue with mine so far, although some need the shroud cutting back.
Removing cylinder, no different to a Steyr or Walther, although mine has a quick fill conversion.
Trigger has been set up and is nice enough to use.

Pro Targets etc are a cracking rifle. However, they don't have the overall adjustability of something like the Hammerli. I've set mine up so that it pretty much exactly matches the size, grip etc etc of my Stery so that it's no drama at all swapping between either in terms of feel and fit. Couldn't do that with a Pro Target. It's a backup FT rig now.

They are not such high quality as some rifles out there, but certainly up to the job given the price.
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