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Originally Posted by Lofty View Post

One thing though two out of the three replies are all in the past tense guessing that they have other issues then .

personally after owning 1 I wouldn't go out of my way to get another 1,

The cons seem to out way the pros my (personal) opinion is

cheap for starters in FT
lots of modding potential ect

Heavy ( at the Front )
poi can change depend on where you hold or rest the hamster ( I cut the shroud of mine) that helps
It doesn't have quickfill ( so you have to unscrew the hole cylinder to fill )
the trigger isnt very adjustable ( has alot of pullback)
the back is plastic it is sturdy but does flex a little

This is my own personal exsperiance from owning 1 But I do know some people get along with them really well

If you want my advice if you can afford to add a little more money look at getting a second hand Air Arms MPR or AA ProTarget you an pick one up for around the 400-500 mark

Air Arms Pro Target , Steve Lanyman Poplar FT stock ( mk1 Big nikko)...And a semi
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